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Exploring at OLMC-CCC


Your children will love to visit our outdoor "Exploratory Garden" where seasons will play a role in what is offered for exploration and they will learn to make music with recycled household items and they may plant or watch birds and learn about the beauty of nature that God puts forth to us every day. There is also plenty of time given to enjoy running around, climbing and playing in our fun and safe outdoor playspace. 

Discovery at OLMC-CCC


Our science-based "World of Discovery" room will also be visited where sensory play and earth investigation will take place. Your child will study nature, rocks, and insects and learn all about this wonderful world around us. All things "science" will take place in this fantastic space as well as sensory play and learning.


Each classroom has a small library but in addition, your child will have the opportunity to spend time exploring books in our "Camp Read-a-lot" room. This room will house every great children's classic book title and will be available for exploration and reading. This is a great space where books will be explored and the perfect setting for storytime. What a great place to relax and explore literature. This is where their love of reading will begin to grow. 



outdoor play at OLMC-CCCTHE PLAY YARD